Resources from our launch event

“Great meeting today – thanks for bringing us all together – it’s much needed”

Attendee via Twitter

“Very exciting and timely project, looking forward to its development.”

Written feedback from attendee

“Great 2c a full house @WandAdvice launch. Legal advice & advocacy much needed as rights & services continue 2 erode”

Attendee via Twitter

“Keep going!”

Written feedback from attendee

A big thank you to all those who attended our launch event on the 19th December. We believe the event was a real success and that attendees found it very useful. We’re happy to say that the written evaluations and subsequent feedback certainly bears us out!

We recorded the audio of the presentations so you can listen to the what the speakers said below. You can also view the PowerPoint slides that were used by some of the presenters and download the handouts wherever they were provided at the event. A full evaluation of the event is also included at the end of this piece

You can see the few slides that Patrick used as a backdrop below

Laura Hood, Welfare Reform Team Wandsworth Borough Council

Download the handout used by Laura

Gemma Glass, Financial Inclusion Officer Wandsworth Borough Council

Download the handout used by Gemma

Gemma speaking in her capacity as a member of the Wandsworth Credit Union steering group

The original slides provided by Cheryl Gale, CEO of Wandsworth Plus Credit Union are below for information

Dan Frith, Manager Wandsworth Foodbank

The slides Dan used at the event:

Please note, the video section of Dan’s presentation has been removed from the sound recording above. However, you can watch the video in full below:

Closing comments

Feedback on the event

Approximately two-thirds of those who attended completed feedback forms. These are compiled below for information