Ex-Service Personnel Awareness Training

This is an invitation to a training session for staff and volunteers of voluntary sector agencies working in the advice and information sector within Wandsworth. This event is not open to the general public

Please complete the form below if you would like to attend. This is a free event

This event is part of our Keep it Local series, which focusses on issues as they affect people who live and work in Wandsworth with a view to raising awareness and improving the knowledge of those organisations who might assist them

The event will be led by Paul Hawkins, Advice and Information Officer/Case Officer, The Royal British Legion

Event details:

The armed forces are getting smaller and service-leavers are finding themselves in a challenging job market.  The early 2000s saw British soldiers involved in conflicts on a scale not seen for several decades.  The World War Two Generation are getting older and face shrinking resources and increasing needs

Meanwhile a backdrop of recession and welfare cuts has created a major challenge for the Community and Voluntary Sector.   The Royal British Legion is keen to help by forming closer links with other charities and welfare organisations to help support ex-service clients

Find out

  • What difficulties do ex-service personnel face and how might they be disadvantaged?
  • What services exist for ex-service personal and how  can you refer them for specialist support?
  • How can you identify ex-service personnel?
  • How can the Royal British Legion’s welfare team help your organisation and your clients?

When: 20th February, 2pm to 4.30pm. Please arrive in enough time for a prompt 2pm start

Where: The Resource Room, Battersea Methodist Mission*

Places are limited. Please reply by using the form below by Thursday 16th February 2014 if you wish to attend

*This venue is wheelchair accessible