GP medical evidence survey

General Practitioners or other surgery staff can complete the survey online here

Or download a Word version here

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What this is about

Citizens Advice is running a national campaign throughout 2014, aimed at improving Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). Wandsworth CABx, with the cooperation of other members of Wandsworth Advice, will be feeding into the campaign with as much information as we can gather from GPs in the Borough

To make sure ESA decisions are right first time. We think that good quality, easily accessible medical evidence is key to this, and are asking GPs to tell us about the issues they face in providing this information

What we want to achieve

We are calling on the Government to make fundamental reforms to how ESA works;

  • The DWP should listen to evidence from the health and social care professionals who know the clients best.
  • The medical evidence required should be provided free of charge.
  • The companies running the work capability assessments should be held accountable for poor quality assessments or bad customer service.
  • The DWP should continue to pay people ESA while a second opinion is given on their application.

If you would like further information and/or to discuss your involvement, please contact contact Ione Inness

We would be happy to visit  you in person to get your response if this would be more practical to you


Claimants lose all their income under disability benefit reform (Independent)

ESA system letting down sick and disabled (Citizens Advice)

Is the ESA system letting you down? Add your story here


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