Finance for non-Finance Managers

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This course is part of the Wandsworth Advice training programme, working to improve the skills of staff and volunteers working within the non-profit advice sector in Wandsworth

Date: Tuesday 27 January 2015, 9.45am – 4.30pm

Where: Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House, 59 Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PT

Delivered by: Directory of Social Change

Open to: staff and volunteers of non-profit advice providing organisations based and providing services to Wandsworth residents only. This course is only open to organisations that hold charitable status

Cost: Wandsworth Advice is covering the costs of this event so it is free to participants

How to book: please book using the form below. Places are limited and bookings will be dealt with on a first come first served basis. We will respond to your booking within 48 hours. Please email any questions direct to Patrick Torsney

Course description

Demystify the monthly accounts, improve your financial understanding and reporting. Find out the differences between financial statements, management accounts, budgets, cash, profits, liabilities and more. If you have to deal with financial information but get a headache at the sight of a spreadsheet, then this course will help to demystify the monthly accounts and give you confidence with your financial understanding and reporting


To understand key finance-based concepts and how operational matters have an impact on finances. This course will demystify how activities are reported in financial accounts


Those with little or no previous financial experience who need to understand and interpret financial information, including staff, trustees and volunteers of voluntary organisations and charities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of, and difference between, management accounts and financial statements
  • Be able to calculate and manage costs
  • Appreciate what budgets are and how they can be used by all


  • Key finance terminology: assets, liabilities, depreciation, accruals etc
  • The difference between cash and profits
  • What budgets are and how to control budgets effectively
  • Key financial and operational information needed as part of financial reporting
  • The role of the audit: what I need to know

Please book using the form below

We will respond to your booking within 48 hours. Please email any questions directly to Patrick Torsney