Housing Summit

On the 9th September 2015, the Wandsworth Advice Forum held a summit about housing issues in the Wandsworth Borough. In the spirit of an open dialogue, Chatham House rules were invoked, as such the Housing Summit notes are available for review but are not attached to any person or organisation present at the meeting.

Housing summit background:
The housing summit meeting provided an opportunity for advice and community organisations and public sector staff to comment on housing issues within the Wandsworth Borough. The workshop allowed a wide ranging discussion.

Knowledge sharing:
Project Coordinator Emily Day presented evidence gathered from Citizens Advice Wandsworth and South West London Law Centres. This showed the types of housing issues the two agencies have been dealing with recently. The participants were split into 4 groups and were asked to consider three areas; firstly, what are the predominant issues they have encountered in their interaction with clients; secondly, gaps in advice which could be geographical or area gaps. Finally, what issues should the sector anticipate as a future problem area such as new legislation or the roll-out of further reforms?

What next?
The action points from the meeting will be discussed in the next meeting, and members of the forum are being asked to create and support working groups. If you are interested in taking the lead, please get in touch or use the contact form below.