Note of meeting 13 May 2015

Wandsworth Advice forum 13th May 2015

Note of meeting


Karen O’Neill – England Illegal Money-Lending Team

Tanya Stacey – CCG

Phil Jew – WCABx

Reuben Colton – WBC

Hiliwona Soloman – Healthwatch

Carina Anderson – South Thames College

Helen Meehan – WBC

Andy Mead – WBC

Alan Clarke – Springfield Law Centre

Patrick Marples – South West London Law Centres

Jenny Purkis – DASCAS

Ian Adams – Age Concern

Valerie Clark – Youth Legal

Sarah Rackham – KLS

Liz Keevil – WBC

Patrick Torsney – WA


  1. Care Act Overview Group as part of the WA forum

Andy Mead outlined the need for scrutiny of Care Act implementation and it was proposed whether the WA forum might be the natural place for an independent overview group to sit.

A number of points were discussed, including:

  • Group would be focussed on the Information and Advice aspects of the Care Act
  • It would include advice/info providers as well as other stakeholders eg members of the public, CCG and Public Health
  • A number present felt that we went ahead, the Care Act focus shouldn’t become the entire focus of the WA forum.
  • It would be a shame for there to need to be another group set up to facilitate an overview group when a well-attended group (WA) already exists. In addition, people are busy and having to attend an additional group would put additional pressure on people.
  • If it went ahead, some form of terms of reference would need to be created for the group.
  • WBC could assist with the administration of the group, including costs.

We agreed:

  • No objection to the WA forum incorporating the Care Act overview group.
  • Terms of reference (ToR) would need to be established for the Overview Group – this would be an agenda item for the next WA forum meeting.
  • No terms of reference necessary for the wider WA forum, however this may become necessary at some point but the Overview Group ToR exercise should help us develop our thinking.
  • Patrick to write a note of the current status of WA forum: what it is and why it exists. This to be circulated for approval prior to the next meeting.
  • Andy Mead to take back and consider a proposal for WBC to fund the coordination and administration of the Overview Group through a small number of hours/month for someone placed externally in one of the WA forum member agencies.
  1. Future of Wandsworth Advice

Phil explained that the funding for WA ceases at the end of September this year. It was agreed that the project had had a real benefit in Wandsworth and its collaborative nature had allowed it to make great strides forward in developing relations between the advice/info sector as a group, and others eg WBC and CCG to the ultimate benefit of people living and working in the borough. It was felt there was much potential for continuing with WA in some form. Even stripped down, continuing the quarterly meetings of the forum was felt to be essential.

It was noted that WA has commissioned Alan Lawrie to conduct a legacy evaluation of the WA project with the aim of making recommendations and advising on how it might continue after September. Patrick to circulate Alan’s questionnaire to all WA members separately so that everyone gets the opportunity to have some input into the future of WA and the forum.

Phil and those present thanked Patrick Torsney for his work on WA. Patrick thanked all WA forum members for their support and hoped that it could continue to develop its strengths for the benefit of wider Wandsworth.

  1. Member updates

Thank you to all WA forum members for providing updates to the meeting.

The next WA forum meeting will be scheduled for July/August and a date circulated nearer the time

Thank you to Andy Mead for kindly arranging the venue and refreshments for the meeting